Meet Alan Pemberton: Your Trusted Real Estate Expert in Bloomington

A Versatile Journey in Real Estate

Alan Pemberton is not just another name in the real estate industry; he’s a seasoned professional with a diverse background. Holding the esteemed position of Director of Operations for Millican Realty, Alan has worn many hats in his illustrious career. From being a licensed broker to managing his own firm, his journey is a testament to his dedication and expertise.

Specializing in Real Estate Since 2005

Alan’s formal education is in Computer Information Systems, but his passion led him to specialize in real estate since 2005. His commitment to the field is evident from his service on the Board of Directors of the Bloomington MLS, where he held all leadership positions up to and including Past President.

A Leader in Operations and Training

In his current role, Alan is a vital part of the Millican management team. He oversees the company’s overall operations, ensuring a seamless experience for both agents and clients.

Technology and Training

Alan’s background in technology makes him the perfect fit for overseeing the online presence and technology tools provided to sales agents. He also spearheads the training programs at Millican Realty, offering new agent training, topical training, and advanced one-on-one agent support.

A Commitment to Professional Excellence

Alan is not just committed to his clients and team but also to the broader real estate community. He has served on various boards and committees, including the Professional Standards Committee for the Indiana Association, where he continues to serve.

Recognized Professional Certifications

Alan holds a wide variety of professional certifications recognized by the National Association of REALTORS® and other well-known industry organizations. These include:

  • Pricing Strategy Advisor / PSA
  • At Home With Diversity® / AHWD
  • Military Relocation Professional / MRP
  • e-Pro®
  • REALTORS® Commitment to Excellence / C2EX
  • Certified Multiple Listing Service Executive / CMLXV
  • Certified RPR® Trainer
  • Certified Paragon® Trainer

Personalized Service Tailored to Your Needs

Alan would love to help you get the personalized service you deserve. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell property in Bloomington, Alan and the Millican Realty team are your go-to experts for a seamless and successful real estate experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Millican Realty

About Us

What sets Millican Realty apart from other real estate agencies in Bloomington?

Millican Realty is a locally owned, non-franchise real estate firm that has been serving the Bloomington community for over 40 years. This long-standing presence adds a layer of trust and local expertise to the services offered.

How does Alan Pemberton enhance the services offered by Millican Realty?

Alan Pemberton brings a wealth of experience to Millican Realty, having been in the real estate industry since 2005. His role as Director of Operations ensures that every client receives personalized service, as he works to understand their needs and match them with an agent best suited for their situation. Alan also holds various professional certifications that signify expertise in different real estate specialties, adding unique value to the client experience.

What types of properties does BuyBloomington by Millican Realty specialize in?

Millican Realty offers a versatile range of property types, including single-family homes, condos, new construction, land, and some commercial properties, catering to different kinds of buyers and sellers.

How does BuyBloomington by Millican Realty match a client with an agent?

Alan conducts an initial interview with the client to assess their wants, needs, and expectations. He explains the different types of real estate agency in Indiana and gains an understanding of what the client truly needs in a property.

What support does BuyBloomington by Millican Realty offer to first-time homebuyers?

Millican Realty provides comprehensive step-by-step guidance to first-time homebuyers, walking them through the entire process and being available to answer any questions. This level of support is also extended to clients who are not first-timers.

How does BuyBloomington by Millican Realty handle marketing and negotiations?

The firm markets heavily online, including on major websites and social media platforms like Facebook. They believe in “Win-Win Negotiation” and focus on achieving the most important outcomes for each individual client. This strategy aims to find solutions that are beneficial for both the buyer and the seller, ensuring a smooth and successful transaction.

What technology tools does BuyBloomington by Millican Realty offer?

Millican Realty employs the latest technology, including digital contracts and signatures, state-of-the-art graphic and website design tools, and secure backup of company documents, to ensure seamless transactions. These technology tools are designed to benefit not only our agents but also our clients, making the entire buying or selling process more efficient.

How does BuyBloomington by Millican Realty assist with new construction homes?

Millican Realty collaborates with several long-term local builders, some exclusively, to offer both spec homes and custom-built options to clients interested in new construction. We have the experience to help guide clients through every step of the process, from site selection to construction, to closing.

What community involvement does Millican Realty engage in?

Millican Realty actively participates in city and county planning and zoning meetings, staying involved in community development. Our agents work with and volunteer for many of the organizations that are the backbone of the community. This work includes groups from the Girl Scouts to 4H to Historical Preservation and everything in between. Our community involvement gives us a unique understanding of the local landscape, which we leverage to provide better service to our clients.

What is BuyBloomington by Millican Realty's reach outside of Bloomington?

In addition to Bloomington, Millican Realty also services areas in surrounding counties, expanding their reach and client base. Some Millican Realty agents work as far as Evansville to Terre Haute, but our focus at BuyBloomington by Millican Realty is Monroe, Lawrence, Greene, and Owen counties.

How does BuyBloomington by Millican Realty help clients with financing?

Millican Realty leverages a network of trusted local lenders to ensure that clients can find suitable financing options, increasing their chances of successfully closing on their dream home. Our agents guide clients through the financing process, demystifying any complexities and helping them make informed decisions.

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